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Start with Why 2: Warren Muldrow (Part 3, Coming Soon)

“There are only two ways to influence human behavior: you can manipulate it or you can inspire it." - Simon Sinek

Wamo and Sheed, Wamo and Sheed, we'll always be brothers, best believe

This journey for the RKease company has been phenomenal, and wonderful! Each and everyday, I have been getting %1 better to be able to become the best founder that I have been able to become. I have done amazing things as a founder so far,as having been such in four credit press articles in publications such as Innovate Ontario, Tech Alliance,etc. All of this publicity is good, but I need to get more revenue in order to continue my business in order to make it profitable, so that the London ecosystem can bolster and improve so we can keep growing.

Throughout my research and content inventing, I have been using Canva and it has been a great tool for me to keep inventing my own masterpieces, especially for those that I love. One person that is always on my heart and that I always think about is Warren Muldrow and what he suffers from being in jail, going through homelessness, and continuous suffering by dealing with his known bi-polar disorder. One thing that I from the economistlearned Adam Smith book is called in his book "Theory of Moral Sentiments". In the book he stated that the feeling of the distress of others is the foundation of manhood.

By speaking to some Houstonians, who have seen Warren in jail, they stated that he was out of his mind, loose, not stable,and lacked emotional regulation, but knowing him for a long time I would understand when he was going off and he didn't have me there to help mentor him. He is one of the reasons why I state that Rest is Reason, because when you are restless, agitated, and continually have no place to sit down, your perception and mental faculties go out of whack. Reading his stories in the Houston Chronicle ( , I can visualise him doing this because when we used to wrestle as kids, he used to think he was tougher than most people when he just wanted to belong, and wanted to be amongst people that loved him with, while having so much potential as a basketball player to make it through university and maybe professional leagues.

When I look at my journey as well, I have been through similar things, just because I am intellectual, smart, savvy, and sagacious doesn't mean that I do not deal with my own mental health struggles as well.

I was homeless, discriminated against, ostracised, over criticised, and it only made me stronger as a man to be able to fight back for not only me, but those who are struggling just like me, especially my little brother Warren Muldrow. There's a photo of me above, living in assisted living in order to re-learn how to be independent again, so that I can function properly and live well in Canada and execute my dreams.

I hope everyone enjoys the blog and can't wait to see you again tomorrow, peace!! :)

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