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Stress Management: Self-Efficacy

"Self-efficacy is the belief in one's capabilities to organise and execute the sources of action required to manage prospective situations."

Loving my journey, having hope in my ability, while maintaining my tranquillity

When I think about having self-efficacy, and having hope and belief in myself as well as my abilities, I cannot think enough of it. It's such a crucial and imperative distinct quality not just an entrepreneur must have, but is a life skill that if mastered can take you a course to fulfill your wildest dreams. If I didn't believe in myself during this journey, I don't know where I would have been in terms of how I manage myself, being able to release blogs, and even conduct my workshop effectively.

According to , self-efficacy is "the belief in one’s capabilities to organize and execute the courses of action required to manage prospective situations." Self-efficacy is a person’s belief in their ability to succeed in a particular situation. Such beliefs play a role in determining how people think, behave, and feel." This concept of self-efficacy correlates directly with one of my pillars in perception in which I speak about in my workshop and I will get to that in the next couple of sentences, but first I wanted to highlight the importance of being able to believe in your ability.

Before I was the founder of RKease Company, I had the idea of a mental health network that connected people together in order to help provide resources, community engagement, and a place for people with disabilities to connect. This idea helped sparked my interest in creating a mental health service and getting into the business so that I can help impact those plagued by these disorders. Unfortunately, I didn't have the resources, plan, and strategy to accomplish this, but deep down inside, I never doubted my capabilities to pull this idea off, but it was more rather timing which deterred me from this vision, as well as support from my supposed co-founder which didn't workout. Therefore, if it wasn't for my high level and strong self-efficacy, I wouldn't have been able to pivot into RKease Company and take the research that I generated and make it into something in order to get business grant to be able to start my enterprise. Now we can transition to my next point, which is the power of self-efficacy when it comes to perception and how you view a situation as well.

Perception according to the google definition is the "awareness of being able to see, hear, or become aware of something through the senses." Now you can either have a positive perception or a negative perception and all of this is stemmed from your inner beliefs, values, attitudes, and dispositions. Throughout your life your core beliefs and values govern your decision making and justify what is important to you as you age and grow. Your inner beliefs are shaped as you age by your examples, such as parents, teachers, community leaders, etc. and all of these aspects are important when it comes to having a strong self-efficacy. If you are melancholy, depressed, and obstructed mentally to the point where you don't believe in yourself, it will translate to poor effectiveness when you have specific tasks to do and complete. While, if you are optimistic, positive, and ebullient it directly correlates to your performance. This is why self-efficacy is important and having a strong one is important to be able to overcome setbacks, difficulties, and high stress situations.

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