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Stresspiration: Rupert Fabrose

"Success has nothing to do with what you gain in life or accomplish for yourself. It's what you do for others." - Danny Thomas

Helping people and impacting their lives, fuels my mission and gives me the drive.

Even though, the customer segment for my company, RKease, is to go business to business, the fact that I can impact a life is good enough for me. Creating the mantra and slogan, "Rest is Reason" for my company is one of the greatest things my brand has ever done because of its simplicity and potency. When someone hears rest is reason, you can easily remember it especially if you have any interactions with the company and know the intent of why we exist. One person, who I have been working with in order to generate content and has been a partner in business and has now become a brother to me is Rupert Fabrose.

(Rupert Fabrose: Fanshawe Graphic Design)

I met Rupert through the Leap Junction Business Acclerator program during my time there. He was one of the graphic designers who were hired by Leap Junction and was introduced to us by Stephanie Hernandez. Right when we met, we had instant chemistry and bonded through our conversation at Fanshawe's Chef Table. Then after that day he reached out to me on Instagram and we started working on creating content ever since. His work ethic, drive, and willingness to get better has only made our partnership grow entirely! Here are some examples of his work below which he has done for RKease.

(RKease Logo)

(RKease Founder Photo)

He also has various amounts of personal work which he does on his own as well, and I would recommend him to anyone. Also, he really has enriched his life through the Rest is Reason mantra and he has been making differences to his workflow and routines since getting understanding on this topic. Here's his personal testimonial, on how Rest is Reason has been changing his life.

"After meeting RK, I learned one of the most valuable lessons in regards to stress. Since we’ve been working, we’ve been trying to spread awareness through content but we’ve wanted to make it a point to follow these lessons as well. From the breathing exercises, to music, to finally, one of the most important points which is “Rest is Reason”. I would consider myself a hard worker and quite the over thinker which can be a blessing and a curse as a designer. Having to juggle client work, school work, and managing projects can be taxing. My workflow usually goes smoothly when I’m in the zone but I find myself burning out here and there because I work on such heavy loads. I know that taking small breaks throughout the day can help with stress and workflow, but after meeting Rashidi was when things really clicked on that end and I learned just how important it is to have rest. Society can play games with us and make us think that you need to work 24/7, 7 days a week in order to be successful But that in itself can be very toxic and can create more burnout. Biblically, the Lord created us to work which is important! But, he created the seventh day, the sabbath, in order for us to rest because he designed us to rest also. Whether you believe in the Lord or not, taking rest days or rest weeks are okay especially when it’ll reduce stress, rejuvenate your mind and body, and when you return, you’ll be making the best possible work for you and others instead of rushing everything and just trying to pump out content that you might not even be proud of because it felt rushed or you didn’t feel inspired or mentally healthy. “Rest is Reason and Reason is Rest” is something I will take with me for the rest of my life and I can’t thank RK enough for being a great mentor and friend. I truly have learned a lot about stress and just going about life in a new, healthy, and positive way. If I can give you guys some parting words, It’s better to do 4 things well than 10 things poorly, so take the importance of rest in your day to day! When you take care of yourself mentally physically, everything else will take care of itself. Thanks RK!

Overall, the relationship that I have built with Rupert over the time we have been working with each other has been timeless and the impact RKease has had on his life has been profound. I hope you enjoy this blog, and stay tuned for tomorrow, all the best, peace!! :)

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