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The Canadian Lost in Congo: Mining Value Chain (Positive Entrepreneurship)

"The Chinese and African peoples throughout history have experienced similar siutations....and today they have chosen to (be on a) journey together for economic and social well-being" - Denis Sassou Nguesso, President of the Republic of Congo

Canadian lost in congo, Canadian lost in congo, about to get a mineral, can't go wrong BRO :)

Being in Congo for about two years while I was dealing with a chronic illness, I was able to enhance my relationships with Congolese on foot and be in their English clubs. While, I was there, I was able to learn how they lived, operated, and functioned as a people. It was interesting to me, how my own people didn't even realise how much in common we had together despite me being from Canada and them living in Congo. But nonetheless, we have something that we all wanted to do, which was to be entrepreneurs and be economically empowered.

I remember being in Congo and being super depressed that I had lost everything from my friends, family members, possessions, clothes, but I still had an inner hope inside of me because I had my mom there with me. Also I had a book there with me, which I was keeping there all along which is called "Rich Dad, Poor Dad", by Robert Kiyosaki!


In the book, the Rich Dad spoke about "Words", and how instead of saying "I can't afford it", you say, "how can I afford it". Therefore, money is a perspective, it's a perception, and a viewpoint. This interconnects with my brand because "Perception" is one of my pillars in my five pillar principles, and your perception is built based on your inner beliefs, and those are derived from your leaders on in an early age. Therefore, when I went to Congo, I studied this book continuously and gathered a few ripe and malleable minded Congolese who would trust me to come back to Canada and start a BUSINESS, and go back to teach them those skills to empower them and then enter the mining industry to make it ETHICAL!!

A Congolese Value Chain would have to have native artisan miners there, and you would need to establish indigenous relations there in order for you to be able to start the supply chain to get the minerals on the market.


Therefore I came back to Canada and invented two entrepreneurial ventures in Kabamba Robotics a therapeutic robotic animal dog for mental health patients, and RKease company stress education workshops for small to medium sized companies with a pre-disposition to document my process to get the Congolese to understand how to be empowered since they are one of the most poorest countries in the world, with one of the lowest GDP.

Now that I have learned their culture, aka my own native culture, I can establish entrepreneurial bases there to teach fundamental entrepreneurial skills to then go there and establish a junior mining company being a PDAC member since the natives would trust me, since I would be investing in the empowerment of the country. Then get acquired by a major company and live in financial freedom! We are the DRC, we are the CONGO, we are the true Africans, the Kongopreneurs, LETS GOOO!!!! :)

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