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The RKease Journey: Fearlessness

"Everything you want to do is on the other side of fear" - Jack Canfield

No fear, no fear, persisting through the journey because I am a pioneer, pioneer

Through this entrepreneurial journey it has been challenging nonetheless to keep up hope, to keep my motivation, and to stay persistent with my mission of inspiring the community to be the more stress proof version of themselves. There has been so many days where fearfulness, timidity, and doubt creep up, but I keep on reminding myself of all I have accomplished in the past in order to keep going through the thick and the thin.

(LeapIN Summer Business Accelerator)

The picture above is me in the LeapIN Summer Business Accelerator program where I won $5000 in order to go through a product development phase, where I did my workshop in front of a group of other business owners in order to reduce their stress and build team cohesion between them. But even though it felt good receiving the $5000 dollars getting the notoriety, and achieving the success, it wasn't the destination which was fulfilling but rather the journey to get there. It was consistent work, day in and day out, of reading, studying, working on my craft to be able to develop a service which can be monetised so that I can make a living and have a profitable business.

(Covent Garden Market)

I remember for a whole year, I would go to Covent Garden each and everyday in order to study, read, and construct my workshop. This built even more discipline within me to be able to get up every morning take walks and then go to consistently rehearse. Where would I be today, if I didn't consistently do this in order to pursue my dreams and make them come to fruition. This place in London, always reminds me that dreams do come true, that no matter what your working on, you can be successful and that you can achieve greatness within your own right.

Overall, fearlessness is a characteristic and attribute that I possess and in order to be a founder you must have this quality to keep going in order to pursue your dreams. I hope you enjoy the blog, and stay tuned for more soon, peace!! :)

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