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The RKease Journey: Power of Patience

"Patience; this is the greatest business asset. Wait for the right time to make your moves" - J. Paul Getty

Patient, enduring the time, so one day, I'll make it, one day, I'll shine

Throughout the RKease journey it has definitely been a waiting and nurturing game in order to actually make my business goals come to fruition. Right now, I am on the sales funnel and I am trying to actually acquire business so that I can profit and keep building my brand, but it's been extremely hard to keep my mind focused and have the eye on the prize because I am not exactly having the success I originally envisioned with my brand.

There are many days, where I sit back and reflect and think to myself is it worth it to keep going, why do I have to keep making videos, why do I have to keep promoting, who is listening, and who even cares about what I am trying to build and for what purpose is this going to come to. All of these hard asked questions and writing blogs certainly depress me, keep me up at night, and definitely circulate in my mind all the time!!! But through all of this doubt, anxiety, and carefulness, I always see light at the end of the tunnel.

The main reason why I always see light at the end of the tunnel is because of the power of patience, optimism, and the fact that I created my mission, vision, and core values in the beginning of my entrepreneurial journey. For example, patience is the ability to endure hardships, pain, suffering, with a calm and serene disposition. This is what the RKease brand is all about, it's about rest is reason, using stress as a way to innovate and actually being able to understand that through your toughest issues, problems, and hardest path is where the success lies!!

My mission statement is to teach companies and individuals that stress and stress management when endured leads to enhanced creative, reasoning, and intellectual skills. As I develop myself holistically, I see more and more the importance of why I got into business in the first place and why my mission statement was so important because all of those doubts, anxieties, and pressures are all forms of stress in my mind and I am coping with them well through taking action consistently. This is one of the reasons why I have a blog because just writing down my thoughts, experiences, and wisdom I know that people who read this will be inspired to keep going on their journey, whatever that may be. With the ability to rest, unwind, take breaks, and meditate on books it has broadened my mind so that I can keep going and be patient to one day see the fruits of my labour. I am the one who sets the tone, of what rest is reason means, therefore in order to be the example, I put these words in action and practice it habitually.

With that being said, I hope you enjoy the blog and stay tuned for more blogs like this and rkease your stress each and everyday!!

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