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The RKease Workshop: Leap Junction

"A positive working environment is a workplace that promotes employee safety, growth, and goal attainment." -

RKease the stress, make you feel good, make you feel rest

This past Friday, was one of the most positive days of the year and a great stepping stone for the RKease company brand. I was able to do my workshop again, with the Leap Junction team and workout my next iteration for my workshop which was phenomenal. Each and every person within the workshop, including myself had so much during the workshop and I can't wait to speak about the details about it, in this blog and how it went!

RKease Workshop

First of all, when the workshop started, I was able to begin with my fabulous introduction which I prepared which was my own jingle, which speaks on RKease and what we are about to get into in the workshop. Then I went through my five pillar ideology and belief system within the workshop to breakdown stress education.

Each pillar that I did, and introduced, I made sure that there was a jingle that was attached to it. For example, for perception, I would say, "perceive, perceive in order to believe, to ease the disease." This was the jingle that, I would use to introduce the topic and concept, then I would allow the audience to say the jingle, while I would cheer them on and root for them. They thoroughly enjoyed that because they were able to be engaged and recite a rap jingle which really made them laugh. Also, they said the jingle together, which would add a camaraderie component within the workshop, which was fantastic. because they were able to be less apprehensive when it came to rapping which would eventually lead to the end which was the big kickoff.

RKease Workshop

For the three rounds, where we got to create a jingle around an employee characteristic, core value, and company activity, it was great to see what the crew came up with as their responses. I cannot recall each of the verses that were created, but the excitement, energy, and positivity was there from both sides. Each person that was there was completely engaged with the workshop and that was the exact feel that I wanted them to have during the time we spent. Kelsey Currie was obviously, the best one, hands down in her raps because she had a background in doing poetry back in the day, therefore it was great to see her exemplify her skills and talents. The three rounds, really improved the morale of the group and everyone was chiming giving their own input and spin on the verses so that we can all have fun and enjoy the time there.

Overall, it was a great workshop and one of the greatest days that I have ever had with the RKease entrepreneurial journey. From the last year, that I was able to do the workshop, to the iterations and corrections that I made it was a serious LEAP in the right direction, no pun intended. I am so much more confident about the progress with RKease company and I hope that I will be able to continue this business to make a greater impact in the community, society, and hopefully the world!! I hope you enjoy the blog and stay tuned for more soon, peace!! :)

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