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Unique Selling Proposition 2 : Stress Education

"The greatest weapon against stress is our ability to choose one thought over another" - William James

Stress you call it stingere, watch out, watch out, you better beware

In my last blog, I spoke on the importance of the power of music and how my brand is a musical brand with jingles in order to enhance team building, bonding, chemistry, and engagement. Therefore, its important to have market differentiation within business in order to stand out in the marketplace. As a result, another reason why my workshop stands out in the marketplace is because we go into what we call stress education.

I call it stress education because while doing research with social workers, physicians, other healthcare providers, and reading books on stress, I noticed a dichotomy. I realised that a physician understands stress different than a social worker or a therapist would. That physicians diagnose a disease and other healthcare providers teach you coping mechanism to deal with the disorder and the reason why people feel stressed is because they don't really know what it is. Therefore, I coined the term stress education, and I created my five pillar principles in order to teach this in the workshop as a form of governance that people can learn from when they leave.

Each pillar is a different colour because it is a different topic within the workshop, that correlates to stress education. Notice that stress management is last, simply because when it comes to stress, these are the topics and concepts which are usually brought up during research on stress. The concepts are stress, perception, stress response, stressor, and then stress management. Each one of these pillars add up together in order to tell a complete story within the workshop, which leads to the stress management component that encompasses musical team building!!

Lastly, this is what makes us unique completely because each pillar has its own story like I said above, if you look at stingere, I took the etymology of the word of stress in order to rhyme and it means to "draw tight, have pressure and be hemmed in." Perception is a view and perspective to how you see the challenge which is upon you, while stress response is the fight or flight response triggered by the amygdala, a stressor is something trigger stress, and stress management are techniques used to manage the stressors which you engage with. These are the five pillars in a nutshell and all these concepts can be backed in stress education research, like I said before. With that being said, I hope you have a great day, and stay tuned for more tomorrow, peace!

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