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Workplace Stressors: Bad Attitude (Toxic Company Culture)

"The only disability in life is a bad attitude" - Scott Hamilton

Bad attitude, bad behaviour, but call RKease and we'll be your saviour

Throughout the last couple of blogs, I have been elaborating on "bullying" and that has led to toxic company cultures. Now let's go into more stressors, and how RKease Company is going to save the day.

For each one of my blogs, I always make a routine to start with a quote as well as a jingle. To be honest, this one quote sets the stage for the entire blog because it's imperative to understand this since it's a catalyst to toxic company cultures. Now before I go in depth into how a bad attitude affects company culture, let's define what an "attitude" is in itself, which I derived from psychology.

"Attitude is a psychological construct that is a mental and emotional entity that inheres or characterises a person, their attitude to approach to something, or their personal view on it. Attitude involves their mindset, outlook, and feelings. Attitudes are complex and are an acquired state through life experience. Attitude is an individual's predisposed state of mind regarding a value and it is precipitated through a responsive expression towards oneself, a person, place, or thing or event (the attitude object) which in turn influences the individual's thought and actions." - (

There is so much to unpack when it comes to the word "attitude" because honestly it can have a series of various blogs, but essentially an "attitude" is a psychological construct, and a construct means that it is shaped, morphed, and designed through the experiences of the individual's life. Now these attitudes are imperative to comprehend when it comes to the workplace because the workplace is one community of individuals with different attitudes which have to come together in order to get their work done efficiently to make the company run smoothly. Throughout some of my research, I have been able to come across an article from ( which highlights the detriments of having a bad attitude in the workplace.


Bad managers: When a manager has a bad attitude and negative mindset, it leads to employees being apathetic and despondent, which in turn makes them perform horribly at work, making their mistakes increases, and output worse.

Unhappy Customers: If an employee encounters an unhappy employee with a bad attitude they won't return and it'll hurt the overall sales and bottom line revenue of the company.

Dismal Outlook

Unwillingness to Work Collaboratively

All of these factors are imperative to a company's failure and if not monitored, regulated, and taken care of it can make the business suffer internally and externally. This is why at RKease Company our service emphasises so much on jingle creation so that we will be able to create music about the company and each individual so that they can build team spirit, morale, and so that it can translate to having a more productive workplace and environment. With that being said, I hope you all have a great day, and stay tuned for more, peace!! :)

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