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Workplace Stressors: Bullying 3 (

"Insecure people eclipse your sun because they're jealous of your daylight and tired of their dark, starless nights." - Shannon L. Adler

Law, law, seek legal advice, if your employer is wrong, to make things right

Over the past couple of blogs, I have been stressing, no pun intended, the importance of understanding workplace bullying and harassment and how through my own personal experience, it has forced me to express my emotions on it and to deepen my "WHY" for my business to solve these issues not only for me, but for future victims. Throughout doing more research and due diligence I have come across a video which I want to analyse due to its potency of information speaking on the dangers of workplace stress.


Now before I analyse the research in this video, let's give some background information on the show and whose speaking exactly. This episode is a part of the Employment Law Show by Samfiru & Tumarkin LLP, and in the conversation that's speaking is Lawyer Lior Samfiru. He is the co-founder of Samfiru & Tumarkin LLP, which is one of the premier and positively reviewed law firms throughout the country, coast to coast. Therefore, let's get to some key points he made in the video which stuck out to me because I am appalled at the insights which he gave. Let's review my notes and I will expound on them individually.

  • "Workplace stress can cause both physical and mental impairments that affect an employee's performance" - Samfiru

  • "Employers must provide accommodation to an employee experiencing stress to make their ability to do their job easier" - Samfiru

  • "An employee can take a job-protected leave of absence/go on a disability leave through the company's insurance plan." - Samfiru

  • "Employers can't punish or penalise employees for complaining about stress-inducing issues in the workplace" - Samfiru

  • "An employee can leave their job with severance pay if their employer fails to deal with the source of stress and anxiety" - Samfiru

Now let's look at these quotes which Samfiru stated that has been extremely important to my further knowledge concerning the detriment of workplace stress. He stated that workplace stress causes impairments which can affect an employee's performance, this is a serious matter simply because if an employee's performance diminishes than bottom line revenues diminish in every way and that has been happening on a consistent basis in various companies.

Another quote which I wanted to highlight is that, employers can't punish or penalise employees for complaining about stress-inducing issues in the workplace. This is what I spoke on in my last blog, on how there are workplaces in the city of London who have created "internal toxic workplace environments" and CMHA Middlesex had to pay $135,000 to silence lawsuits, so his quote is complementary to my last blog which makes this a serious concern for employers.

Therefore, this blog has been substantial in my argument to justify why it's important for employees to understand their rights in the workplace because your employer can be creating a toxic environment which can lead to undue stress, that will potentially harm individuals and make them at risk for potential diseases physical or mental.

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