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Workplace Stressors: Toxic Company Cultures

"Corporate culture matters. How management chooses to treat its people impacts everything for better or for worse." - Simon Sinek

Workplace is toxic, it's toxic, got to stand by your word, not be obnoxious

Throughout my various blogs over the course of the last couple of days I have been speaking on workplace stressors, with the emphasis on "bullying". Now despite this being a serious issue in the workforce, it's only a stepping stone to the huge elephant in the room which is ruining the lives of many employees all over the globe, which is toxic company cultures. Let's redefine what company culture is, before we expound on what a toxic one is.

According to Investopedia, a company culture is "the beliefs and behaviours that determine how the company's employees and management interact and handle outside business transactions." - (Investopedia).

This is the foundational meaning of what a company culture means on Investopedia, but it's intriguing because its profound simply because as an entrepreneur I thoroughly understand what a company culture is, simply because before I started my business I had to create a "mission statement, vision statement, and core values". These sections of my company are the core DNA of my business and now all of my behaviours are reflections of what I created in those core groups. For instance, one of my core values is "empathy", and how I reflect that through my behaviour can be exemplified on how I treated my graphic designer Rupert when I would utilise him for content creation. Every time he was tired, fatigued, I would motivate him, cheer him up, and give him self-care tips to be able to ease his mind so that he can be effective at work, this is a reflection of me putting my core values to work.


But why is this important when it comes to toxic cultures?! It's very simple, despite the researched definition of what I am going to provide, a simpler definition is explained in one word HYPOCRISY! A toxic culture is simply generated when a company's actions don't reflect their core values, mission, and vision. They say one thing, but do the other. This at the root is what confuses so many employees and staff when they work at companies because they get blind-sided and didn't realise what they signed up for, which is imperative for a person to understand their rights which I talked about in prior blogs so they defend themselves in the workplace and not be bullied.

With that being said in the next blog, I will expound more on the technicalities of toxic workplace culture and how it is economically impacting the society severely, have a great rest of the day, and peace!! :)

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