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GROW: Reason to Believe (Cram)

"All great organisations start with WHY, but only the great ones keep it from year after year"

Reason to believe, reason to believe, figure out the truth and your belief will never cease

Being an entrepreneur has been a phenomenal and wonderful experience! Each and everyday I feel like I am growing and growing, plus this journey has been very scrappy, but I always end up on top. Now for the GROW Accelerator with Tech Alliance (, I have been able to expound on my knowledge extensively when it comes to my business, therefore through it, I have been able to learn from

Brian Cram (, Founder of the 519 Growth Fund

( during our session, he spoke on having a reason to believe, based on the book by Simon Sinek. Before I do that, let's quote from a previous book that I wrote in a book beforehand in this blog, right here (

In the book called "End of Work" by Jeremy Rifkin, they speak on the GOSPEL OF MASS CONSUMPTION!!

"Converting Americans from a psychology of thrift to one of spend-thrift proved a taunting task. The Protestant work ethic, which had so dominated the American frontier ethos, was deeply ingrained. Parsimony and savings were cornerstones of the American way of life, part of the early Yankee tradition that had served as a guidepost for generations of Americans as well as an anchor for newly arrived immigrants determined to make a better life for their children's generation. For most Americans, the virtue of self-sacrifice continued to hold sway over the lure of immediate gratification in the marketplace. The American business community set out to radical psychology that had built a nation - to turn American workers from investors in the future to spenders in the present." - End of Work

For the LeapIN Business Accelerator program, I was able to get the Start with Why by Simon Sinek, and throughout this book, I was able to learn that there is over lap from history and even until this day and time. Heres' two quotes he speaks on from this book which is insightful!

"All the advertising, promotions, and pressure employed to tempt us one way or another, each attempting to push harder than the other to court us for our none or our support, ultimately yields on consistent result: STRESS........It's not an accident that doing business today and being in the workforce today, is more stressful than it used to be. Peter Whybrow, in his book American Mania: When More is Not Enough, argues that many of the ills that we suffer from today have very little to do with bad food we're eating or the partially hydrogenated oils in our diet. Rather, Whybrow says it's the way that corporate America has developed that has increased our stress to levels so high we're literally making ourselves sick because of it. Americans are suffering ulcers, depression, high blood pressure, anxiety and cancer at record levels. According to Whybrow, all those promises of more, more are actually overloading the reward circuits of our brain. The short-term gain that drive business in America today is actually destroying our health."

Now let me examine Simon Sinek's golden circle and why I should fill it out!

WHY: At RKease Company we believe in challenging hustle culture and workplace stress through promoting the idea that can turn into a social movement, that rest is reason, and reason is rest

HOW: Our workshops are designed with music therapy and jingle creation for customer edutainment

WHAT: We deliver workshops and invent jingles for company's content creation

Therefore as a result, with this golden circle, it is going to be easier to raise funds, hire staff, increase sales and marketing, and build loyalty from everyone, including the community!! This is why you choose a WHY and keep going no matter what, LETS GOO!!

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