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Stress Management: Music

"Music is therapy. Music moves people. It connects people in ways that no other medium can. It pulls strings. It acts as medicine." - Macklemore

In the last blog we broke down the importance of gratitude and how practising, as well as expressing gratitude is a form of stress management. Gratitude has been a form of stress management and a positive practice from antiquity until today! Therefore it's important to practise as well as keep in your routine. Another form of stress management is music, since antiquity as well, which makes music even cooler.

Music is something that we listen to on a daily basis, but we don't realise how beneficial it is for our overall well-being and how it's a stress reduction tool. Since the beginning of time, people have used music not only to heal but to entertain. One of the most famous moments in history is when David in antiquity used the harp in order to heal Saul's malignant mental disorder.


Playing music according to the University of Nevada, Reno actually can be as therapeutic and healing as a type of medication for your mind-body connection. As we have stated in earlier blogs stress is the feeling of emotional tension, or feeling unable to cope, which affects us mentally and physically. When we are stressed our adrenal glands within the body secrete cortisol which is a stress hormone, and when cortisol is released in the short-term its great but when you have excess cortisol you will have mental and physical complications. Excess cortisol can result in anxiety, depression, heart disease, memory and concentration problems, etc. While too minimal cortisol levels results in being tired all the time, loss of appetite and weight, low blood pressure, muscle weakness, etc. Now with music it has the ability to balance out your cortisol levels by its soothing and healing rhythms. Here are some benefits below of music and healing your stress according to psych central, (

  • Reduced cortisol levels

  • Benefits in mental health treatment

  • Reduced burnout

  • Helps you fall asleep

  • Reduced depression

  • Reduced anxiety in children

  • Helps people cope with the pandemic

  • Improved quality of life with Alzheimer's disease

Therefore it's important to play your best tunes, relax, repose, and enjoy your best music in order to ease your stress and live a fruitful and long life. The best part that I love about music and stress management is that you can play music which is customisable to you and not anyone else. Everyone has their own taste in music and when you find the right tunes it not only entertains you but heals you at the same time, therefore I hope you enjoy the music you choose and enjoyed this blog, stay tuned for tomorrow. Peace!! :)

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