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RKease Reflections: Unearthed Solutions

"Data is the language of powerholders!" - Jodi Peterson

Unearthed tell me what you are worth, RKease is about to find minerals all in the earth

In order to be a great founder, entrepreneur and business owner you need to be able to reflect on your journey and understand how you got to where you're supposed to be in order to progress forward!! Now I want to break down my story on how I got into Unearthed Solutions, which has enabled me to learn that they are working on data science projects, they are a mining accelerator with tech companies in it which I will expound upon later, so now let's get into this story.

Whenever I was a Fanshawe College student in the electormechanical engineering course, I had the idea of building a therapeutic robotic animal dog for mental health patients and through that idea I was eager, passionate about finding which industry that I can enter into after I finished school in order to use my expertise to better the industry. Having a family member in the mining industry, it was a no-brainer that I should investigate whether or not I can build my business, and see if it was viable, but what I found out was DAUTING!!

In order for you to be a successful job candidate you need an industry to be able to showcase your expertise and be a contributor for!! Therefore with this robotic idea in mind, I started taking LinkedIn Learning courses in order to understand how to market, promote, and brand myself. Through that practical application, I learned of the PDAC without even realising that one day, being a member would come in handy!

(PDAC 2020)

My initial plan, was to finish electromechanical engineering and go straight to the PDAC and join the mining industry right after I was done, but as soon as they reposted my instagram story, I was in a shock of my life! Because I knew that if they were using my post to advertise for their course to other members, that I would have to learn new skills to adapt, without even understanding at the moment what that even was going to entail!!

As I continued my linkedin learning journey, I continued with my studies and met so many individuals online along the way like Lida Citroen, which shaped, morphed, and changed my way of my professional development! It came with so much criticism, backlash from other people at the Fanshawe College campus which never understood the power of the internet. At 2am in the morning at residence, I was able to go into the computer lab and see if they were any people who were building robots in the mining industry because I was a PDAC member, only to find out there was an accelerator named Unearthed Solutions out there! I quickly signed up and found out that they had a company called Universal Field Robotics which they helped incubate, provide resources for in order for them to have a sustainable start-up which inspired me! Throughout my journey being a part of Unearthed, there were some very unfortunate circumstances which happened, but my RESILIENCE kept coming into play!!


Once I saw that they were doing challenges, I pivoted in data science and did the whole learning path for data science with the Fanshawe College computer, but the problem was that their macbook didn't have any software which I can use so I partnered with someone overseas to do the challenge all the way in China. This enabled me to learn industry knowledge from the mining industry which will one day pay off, but what does this have to do with RKease because the atrocities, adversities, and backlash I got from the Fanshawe College residence staff, eventually even security guards because I was working on this project, lead me to WELLNESS TOGETHER CANADA through a representative of the PDAC.

By blogging continuously, it strained me severely and I needed help with my mental and physical health, but since London, Ontario is not a mining city, the backlash was IMMENSE!!

The staff thought I was lying, when all you had to do was a google search and research the project, the security guards were harassing me and treating me like a criminal and to get me off campus in order to pay me so I don't have a HOMELESSNESS CRISIS!! Family members were saying I was a LUNATIC for having this, to the point where it lead me to going to LHSC which is the local hospital for no reason (no pun intended). Only to continue to keep studying there, and to find out that I got all the research I needed to figure out how to build my robot. So I pivoted into stress management since the word "sedative" means to "sit!". Tranquilliser means tranquility, read my blog on my mantra, rest is reason and pharmacology!! ( And the worst part of this all is that I lost financial support to meet them in person at the PDAC 2020 because I lost my student status, which eventually led to EUSTRESS, read this blog here (

Therefore, with my well-thought research it has led me to develop a stress education based workshop for tech professionals, and Justin has the same vision of me, but my market differentiation is utilising stress management and team building with MUSIC to make it POSITIVE, FUN, and INTERACTING!!


Here's a quote from his website which made me understand this. "It’s not just about new technology - it’s about organising our teams in new ways so that people and technology together can solve problems more intelligently than ever before."

This has clarified that my workshop is getting more validation because there is an importance of team building within the tech industry because it's the PEOPLE that drive innovation, and not technology. People are the foundation of Prosperity. I hope everyone loves this blog, and stay tuned for tomorrow!! Have a great rest of the day, peace!! :)

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