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RKease Workshop: Social Well Being (Jingle Creation)

"It's not only music. It's not only art. It's a community. It's a sense of having a place to belong" - Jared Leto

Company culture, one tribe, one vibe, built to survive, live, and never die.

As I stated in the blogs in my workshop describing mental and physical well-being, the definition of the word "health" by the World Health Organisation is described as "a state of complete, physical, mental, and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity." Therefore, I created my workshop to be able to address these three concepts in order to be the most effective. At the end of my workshop, I created an exercise that I will do with my clients in order to bring them all together and I will use it with music. Honestly, this is where the innovation will take place because no one has seen someone like this before, and it's very exciting.

(Steve Stoute: Music Marketing Maven)

By doing extensive research and studying music, I was able to come across the marketing maven, Steve Stoute. Steve Stoute is a marketing executive in the music industry who is also an author, entrepreneur, and a master advertiser who has created ads for well known reputable brands all over the world! He wrote a book called Tanning in America: How Hip- Hop Created a Culture that Rewrote the Rules of the New Economy. In this book he describes how hip-hop has broken down barriers for people all throughout different walks of life and it's power of bringing people together. He even quoted this in the book as well which today, I think is phenomenal,

"Music, interestingly enough, developed originally to connect tribal members to one another and allow religious adherents to commune with a higher power. This is to say that music, by its nature, breeds culture. On top of that, hip-hop is a kind of confession, at times a soul-baring about stuff you're not even supposed to say in public, sometimes inappropriate, sometimes gut-wrenching - My mother's on drugs, my father abandoned me, I'm broke, I'm f**ked up, what am I supposed to do? So, as the art form became a culture and began to fulfill the same functions that religious institutions have served throughout history, the most obvious thing it did was to provide governance."

There you have it, hip-hop is an outlet for vulnerability, connection, and breaks down barriers. This is why I want to be able to utilise hip-hop in order to bring my client's employees together as one crew, one band, one sound!! These are the building blocks and foundations of a successful company because they are connected to their purpose together. Therefore, with my jingle exercise I want to be able to connect individuals together in their company so that they can fight stress together and be more stress proof.

In order to break down the exercise we will create three categories where you create a jingle to a company core value, an employee characteristic, or company activity. For instance here are some jingles for RKease Company,

  • Company Activity: At RKease we educate, so humanity can be really great

  • Core Value: A value is resilient cause the company is brilliant.

  • Employee Characteristic: Rashidi is so kind, so he leaves nobody behind.

These are all jingles for the RKease workshop and I rap these as an example to an instrumental I licensed from the company Thai Beats. Through this it'll sum up the workshop and enable us to complete the social, physical, and mental aspect of the workshop. Overall, I hope you enjoy the blog, and try to come to one of my RKease workshops! Have a great rest of the day, and stay tuned for tomorrow, peace!! :)

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